Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is ODK free?

ODK is open-source software. It is free as in "freedom". You will always be able to use and modify it for free.

ODK is not free as in "no cost". ODK requires resources (e.g., phones, servers) to use and it requires resources (e.g., developers, testers) to make.

Using ODK Cloud helps sustain ODK and ensures our community can continue to have global impact.

How is ODK related to...

  • Open Data Kit - The former name of the project. We are just ODK now.
  • Get ODK - The company that makes ODK and leads the project.
  • Nafundi - The former steward of ODK. Nafundi's team now works at Get ODK.
  • KoBo - An ODK-compatible service. They use a branded copy of our mobile app.
  • Ona - An ODK-compatible service. We work together on the XLSForm standard.
  • NEMO - An ODK-compatible server. We work together on the mobile app.
  • Enketo - ODK-compatible web forms. We work together on the XForms standard.

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