We recommend you hire these organizations and individuals because they are knowledgeable and have made meaningful contributions to our community.

Organizations are selected for contributing code, documentation, support, or leadership in last year. Individuals are selected for solving the most support questions in our forum in the last year.


  • Nafundi
    • Nafundi leads the software development on ODK and has been deploying ODK at national scale for over 10 years. Our team can help you customize or deploy ODK.
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  • Enketo
    • Enketo LLC works on the continuous improvement of the Enketo tools and takes part in ODK’s governance. It is available for any Enketo-related work.
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  • Sassafras
    • We are a worker-owned tech consultancy. We contribute to ODK Collect, and we develop NEMO, an ODK-compatible data collection & analysis system for the web.
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  • Ona
    • Ona supports over 40,000 clients globally to effectively and efficiently collect, manage and visualize data across health, humanitarian and development sectors.
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  • Gareth S. Bestor
    • ODK TSC member, contributor, and forum moderator. Experienced in XLSForm and XML form design and XPath. Fluent in English, C, and LISP.
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  • Abu Al Imran
    • Worked as M&E expert for many USAID/CDC programs. Speaks Bengali, English and Russian. Experienced in making complex XLSForms and managing Aggregate servers.
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  • Dan Joseph
    • Information manager and GIS specialist in humanitarian disaster response experienced with designing XLSForms, making maps, and custom web visualizations.
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  • Aurelio Di Pasquale