ODK vs Kobo

Trying to figure out the difference between ODK and Kobo and what the right choice for you is? Here's everything you need to know.

ODK and KoboToolbox are both open-source mobile data collection platforms. They are separate platforms, but they are related because Kobo uses some of the software that ODK makes.

KoboCollect is the Kobo mobile app. It is a copy of the ODK Collect mobile app that is a few months behind the original. For this reason, it does not have ODK's newest features and fixes. The only other differences are the name, logo, and a few settings.

KoboCollect connects to the KoboToolbox server. The Kobo server has a different user interface and different features than the ODK Central server, but because the Kobo server uses technologies like the XLSForm standard and Enketo web forms that ODK maintains, the core functionality is similar.

As far as where the data is hosted, most Kobo users use the free, but limited hosting provided by Kobo, while many ODK users use ODK Central running on ODK Cloud, ODK's official managed hosting service.

Leading professionals choose ODK Cloud because they want private servers with great performance, priority support from the makers of ODK, and professional features to accelerate their work.

  • Private servers with great performance

    With ODK Cloud, you get your own private server on enterprise-grade infrastructure that guarantees great performance. See recent uptime.

  • Priority support from the makers of ODK

    With ODK Cloud, you get priority support from the experts who make ODK and maintain the technologies that Kobo relies on. Read user reviews.

  • Professional features to accelerate your work

    With ODK Cloud, you get Entities, a feature that enables longitudinal data collection, form linking, case management, and more. Watch demo video.

The best way to know if ODK Cloud will work for you is to try it. If within 14 days you are unhappy for any reason, let us know, and we'll give you your money back.

You can also request a demo with the ODK experts to discuss your needs and get answers to all your questions.