Collect data anywhere

ODK lets you build powerful offline forms to collect the data you need wherever it is.

Join the leading social impact organizations that use ODK to make the world a better place.

Why ODK?

The standard for offline data collection

Millions of people use ODK to collect data because it works anywhere. Here are a few features you'll love.

Build powerful forms

Include photos, GPS locations, skip logic, calculations, external datasets, multiple languages, and more.

Collect data offline

Use either the mobile app or the web app. Forms and submissions are synced when a connection is found.

Analyze with ease

Download your data or connect apps like PowerBI or R to create shareable dashboards.

Proven at global scale

ODK is used in every country, with individual projects regularly collecting millions of submissions.

Trusted across sectors

Use software trusted in global health, international development, humanitarian aid, agriculture, microfinance, and more.

Open source

ODK is open-source software. Use it as is, customize it as you see fit, or try compatible alternatives.

Our Impact

Making the world better through data

We make ODK for everybody, but our focus is on social impact and empowering those who are making positive change.

World Health Organization

Uses ODK for disease surveillance for COVID-19, polio, and cholera.

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Red Cross

Uses ODK to improve the efficiency and impact of humanitarian action.

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Uses ODK to ensure the educational progress of millions of students.

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Carter Center

Uses ODK to eradicate tropical diseases and assess the fairness of elections.

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Jane Goodall Institute

Uses ODK to track the health of chimpanzee and other ape habitats across Africa.

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Uses ODK to increase locally grown food supply and create jobs in the agriculture sector.

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Uses ODK to help partners stream social impact data into Google My Maps.

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FINCA International

Uses ODK to measure household consumption and job creation in remote areas.

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ODK Cloud

The easiest way to get ODK

The ODK so many people love, now fully managed and with fast support from the ODK team. No technical skills required.

$ 169 /mo

Great for starting out

Single project

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

10k monthly submissions

20GB total storage

Standard email support

Request demo
$ 399 /mo

Our most popular plan

Single project

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

50k monthly submissions

100GB total storage

Priority email support

Form design guidance

Training session included

Request demo

For critical efforts at scale

Multiple projects

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

Custom submissions limit

Custom storage limit

Custom support

Custom guidance

Custom training

Custom branding

Custom hosting

Contact for pricing

How do I know if ODK will meet my needs?

ODK has a lot of features and is always improving. The best way to find out if it will work for you is to request a demo.

What if I can't afford ODK Cloud?

ODK is open source so you can self-host it and rely on volunteers on the forum for help. Start with the docs.

What if I can't use cloud-hosted services?

On-premise hosting with ongoing support is possible with for enterprise customers. Contact us for pricing.

Why use ODK Cloud?

ODK Cloud is the same ODK that millions know and love, but with automatic updates, daily backups, uptime guarantees, enterprise security, and guaranteed fast support on any issues.

By choosing ODK Cloud, you are also supporting future development and helping make ODK better for everyone.

Can I move from self-hosted to ODK Cloud or vice-versa?

Yes, you own your data and we make moving it easy. And if you buy a yearly Professional plan, we'll help with the move.

What type of support is included with ODK Cloud?

Plans include email support for usage questions. Professional plans get responses in less than 24 hours while Basic plans get responses in 2-3 days.

Professional plans come with form design guidance, and if you pay yearly, includes a training session.

What is a project?

Projects are team-specific workspaces that let you control who has access to forms and submissions.

A project can have unlimited forms and submissions and those forms and submissions are only accessible within that project.

What if I go over my plan's limits?

Your account will keep working, but if you regularly go over your plan's limits, we will email you to discuss upgrade options.

Can I pause my account?

We do not yet offer pausing. If you stop payment, we'll give you a few days to download your data, then delete your account.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch plans any time and for any reason.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit and debit cards on all plans and bank transfers on yearly plans. Prices are in USD.

Where are your servers located?

We have server locations around the globe. You can decide which location works best for you when you sign up.

Do you offer consulting or implementation services?

Yes, we can help with form design, feature development, on-premise hosting and so much more. Contact us for pricing.

Any other questions?

Contact us with any other questions you have.

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