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Collect data anywhere

ODK lets you build powerful forms to collect the data you need wherever it is.

Join the leading researchers and field teams using ODK to collect data that matters.


The standard for data collection

ODK takes you from paperwork to less work. Whether you're in the field or in the office, you'll love how fast and easy ODK is.

Build powerful forms

Include photos, GPS locations, skip logic, calculations, external datasets, multiple languages, and more.

Works online and offline

Use either the mobile app or the web app. Your data is automatically synced when an Internet connection is found.

Analyze with ease

Download your data or connect apps like Excel, Power BI, Python, or R to create real-time dashboards.

Proven across sectors

ODK is the standard in public health, global development, crisis response, environmental research, and more.

Trusted by millions

Over 2 million people use ODK to send over 250 million submissions annually from all over the world.

Open-source software

ODK puts you in complete control of your data collection. Use as is or customize as you see fit.

Success Stories

Collecting data that matters

ODK is in active use globally. Below are a few of the leading organizations that use ODK for their data collection.

ODK usage

WHO: Keeping 1.4 billion people safe from disease. Learn more.

HOT: Mapping the most vulnerable places on the planet. Learn more.

MORU: Securely collecting clinical study data offline. Learn more.

CSIRO: Understanding how plastic impacts our planet. Learn more.

Biostat Global: Flexible household surveys that never fail. Learn more.

Bangor University: Scaling up off-grid sanitation. Learn more.

Ilex: Inclusive farming at incredible scale. Learn more.

Red Cross: Improving support for people in crisis. Learn more.

Leading professionals explaining why they use ODK. Learn more.


The easiest way to collect data

Data collection is hard enough. ODK Cloud makes it easier by providing a fast, reliable, and secure platform for your work.

Pay Yearly
Pay Monthly
Save up to 20% when you pay yearly
$ 199 /mo

Just the essentials

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

10K monthly submissions

Standard features
Powerful forms, work online and offline, real-time dashboards

Standard support
3 business days, via email

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$ 499 /mo

Designed for professionals

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

25K monthly submissions

Professional features
Entities, longitudinal collection, case management, API access

Professional support
1 business day, via email

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For important work at scale

Unlimited forms

Unlimited users

Custom monthly submissions

Enterprise features
Single sign-on, custom domain, uptime SLA, success manager

Enterprise support
Less than 24 hours, via phone

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What is a project space?

A single project space has unlimited forms and unlimited users and lets you assign specific forms to specific data collectors.

Multiple project spaces are best for organizations who need to separate data management by site, program, or country.

Only active project spaces (e.g., received submissions, exported data) count against your monthly quota.

What if I need more project spaces or submissions?

You can add more project spaces or monthly submissions with a Basic add-on for $199/month (if paid yearly) or $249/month (if paid monthly). Each Basic add-on adds 1 project space and 10K monthly submissions.

Monthly submissions and subscription features are shared across all the project spaces of a subscription.

What are the benefits of the Professional subscription?

In addition to more submissions and faster support, the Professional subscription adds Entities, a feature that enables longitudinal data collection, form linking, case management, and other dynamic workflows.

Also included is API access for building custom integrations that automate your data collection, management, and usage.

What are the benefits of the Enterprise subscription?

The Enterprise subscription adds single sign-on, custom domains, uptime SLA, a success manager, and more.

Enterprise subscription pricing starts at $2,495/month.

How do I know ODK Cloud will work for me?

You can learn what customers think in these user reviews. You can also request a demo with a data collection expert to get a walkthrough of ODK features that meet your needs.

I thought ODK was free?

ODK is open-source software. If you're technical, you can self-host and self-support it for free. Start with the docs.

ODK Cloud is the same ODK software, but fully hosted, managed, and supported by the creators of ODK.

Do offer free trials?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you sign up and decide within 14 days of payment that ODK isn't a great fit, email us for a full and instant refund.

What are your data security practices?

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest in ODK Cloud. End-to-end encryption with self-managed keys is also available.

All data is continuously backed up and can be restored to a specific moment in time. Backups are kept for 30 days.

You can choose between US or EU data centers. Both data centers are GDPR compliant and ISO27K and SOC 2 certified.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit and debit cards. Bank transfers are only accepted on yearly subscriptions. All prices are in USD.

Any other questions?

Contact us with any other questions you have.


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